Friends In UK - pre 1952

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Pre 1952


Camping -
Camping at Harden - Queens Ferry is nearest. - George Owen - Colin “Fatty” Griffith George Griffith owned the “bell” tent.  Ex army tent big as (Asquith Leagues Poker room)

Cycling Club
Marg & Les Cooper
Millie & Bob Parkinson
'Sutty' (Neighbour) - St Pauls Close

Also see photos below



Jean,  J.....  and Joan
35 Clifton Road, Birkenhead


Alice and Stevie Hayes


Tom is letting you have this snap of him. You know he does not like to be left out. I know he thinks a lot about you all.".  (Written on the back of the photograph)

Bob Parkinson's  brother, Vince, is in this photograph.


Joan Hammond