41 St Paul's Close, Rock Ferry

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Mum & Dad purchased 41 St Pauls Close on a 99 year lease. (Semi-detached) Very common in those days. Previously they had lived in Conway Place. My sister, Gladys, & I were born in this house.
In 1945? - Click here to view portrait photos taken in 1945? My brother, Bob, sister, Gladys and cousin, Billy Hughes.
In 1947 - Mum & Dad organised for a photographer to take photos at home. Click here to see the photos
Their very good friends, Marge & Les cooper were invited to attend.
I love the story about the baby grand piano being delivered. I will ask Muriel to tell this tale. The front window had to be removed to get it in.
Once in the lounge room any visitors needed to put their knees under it to sit down.
Click here to see photographs taken before we emigrated in 1952.
Below: Photos taken in 1999. Mum, Dad & I went to UK for Marjorie & Les Cooper's 50th wedding anniversary.
(Click here for pictures taken in 1947 which include Marjorie & Les Cooper.) Click here for more photos of Marjorie & Les Cooper