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Britains Killed in Cairo Riots 1952

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"Ormonde" was built by Orient Lines in 1917 as a troopship [postcard]. She served the UK - Suez - Australia route between the wars. Converted to one-class in 1933. Troop carrier in WWII. Returned to commercial service in 1947, again on the Europe - Australia route.
The 15,000 ton R.M.S."Ormonde", launched in 1917, was the largest ship yet built for the Australian trade and the Orient Line's first ship to feature a cruiser style stern and to be fully steam turbine powered.
She was scrapped in Scotland in 1952. (My family arrived in Sydney on the S.S.Ormonde in February, 1952)
She was sold for breaking up at Dalmuir, Scotland in Dec.1952.
Crossing the Equator - Irene

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Glad, far left. Irene, kneeling. Leslie Ferris in the chair. Mum, Bob &Millie Parkinson at the back.

Glad, with hat, Leslie Ferris on the swing and Irene, standing.

Mum writing a letter 'home".

Below: Fancy Dress party.
This could have been for the "Crossing of the Equator".
Certificate given to passengers at the "Crossing of the Equator".
Gladys, Irene & Leslie (Daughter of Kit & Bob Ferris. Friends M&D met on the ship)

Below: Click on the link below to see photographs of S.S. Ormonde (Inside and outside at various ports)