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Britains Killed in Cairo Riots 1952

Fremantle 1952

Port Phillip Bay, Victoria

 In the 1940s-1960s, the most common route from Britain and Europe was via the Suez Canal.
There were stopovers in Port Said in Egypt,
Port Aden in what is now Yemen. They would then call at Bombay (India) or Colombo (Sri Lanka, then called Ceylon) before crossing the equator on the way south to Fremantle in Western Australia. Many passengers would remain with the ship and sail to Station Pier in Melbourne or perhaps on to New Zealand.
From there, the ships travelled across the Indian Ocean to the Western Australian Port of Fremantle.
'Stopovers' were a practical necessity for passenger liners, to restock with fuel, fresh food and water, as well as to load and unload passengers. They were also an advertised attraction for migrants, many of whom had never previously travelled outside their home country. The stop-over ports were adventures, offering opportunities to meet the locals, bargain for souvenirs, and sample a heady mix of sights, sounds and smells.
The big ships went single file through the Suez Canal, and often had to 'queue' at Port Said. The passengers could go ashore and book tours to the pyramids or go on camel rides. Buying from pedlars in small boats or at exotic bazaars were entertaining novelties for most migrants travelling to Australia.

The ports visited depended on the shipping line and the route taken to reach Australia. If the passengers were on lines that used the Suez Canal, they would sail across the Mediterranean Sea to Port Said in Egypt. There they entered the narrow canal and travelled through to Port Aden in Yemen, and out into the Red Sea.

 Below: photo of the boat sellers taken by dad.
"We bought a camera before we left UK ".

Below: Photo from Internet Site

Below: Port Said and the Suez Canal
Because of the conflicts at the time ships were patrolling to protect the migrant ships as they passed through the Suez Canal. See
Cairo Riots 1952

Below: "Picture of small boat leading us though the Suez Canal . Aeroplanes overhead " - Dad
Dad's photo

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  Fremantle, Western Australia:
Passengers were able to leave  the ship at each Port. Mum & Dad & we three kids spent the day in Fremantle. We were late coming back to the ship. The ship was already moving away from the quay. Some of the "dockies" put out a moving gangway. We all ran up the gangway but there was a gap between it and the ship. Dad threw the kids up to the ship where we were caught by some of the crew. Mum & Dad then had to jump. (NB Mum suffered from vertigo).
PS Dad had said to Mum that it wouldn't matter if they missed the ship. They could catch a taxi to the next port. (Adelaide??!!) I guess the Pommes had no idea of the size of Australia.
"We missed the boat. The boat was moving away from the quay.
The sailors called out “Jump, jump!” and you know Mum for jumping.
The Dockie got a moving gangway and we all jumped.
Two ladies, or girls, had high heels on and nearly fell into the water. Some climbed up the ropes.
If they say 6pm, they leave then."
said Dad
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