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  Many thanks to Carol Mason (Iain Mason's wife) for the information below
Born: 1902 to 1967  -  brother to Henry Robert Mason (my grandfather)
Siblings: Hambleton 1891 -1917
Married: Kathleen Donovan in 1915. Killed in WWI. His name is on the

 Hamilton Square Memorial. Also Tyne Cot Cemetery, France
Henry Robert 1892 - 1936
Margaret  b.1893
Robert b.1895
Samuel b.1899
Charles b. 1900
John b.1902 - 1967
Mary b. 1906
Lily b. 1910
George b.1911
Edith b.1913 - 1919
William b.1916
Douglas Haig b. 1916
Married: Margaret Thomas (father was James Thomas) on 9th June, 1923,
at the Church of Our lady of Immaculate  Conception, Birkenhead.

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Children: Hambleton (b.1925),  William (b.1923) and Margaret
Grandchildren: Iain Mason and Jennifer Mason (father - Hambleton)

Many thanks to Carol Mason (Iain Mason's wife) for the following photos which were sent in 2010 by e-mail.

Below: John Mason & Margaret (Thomas)
Children: Hambleton, Margaret, William

Below: John & wife, Margaret - Bill & wife, Joan - Roseanne & husband, Hambleton,  (2009?)