Henry Robert Mason


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Mason Family 

Born: 20.6.1892 at 27 Leighton Rd, Tranmere
"The Mason family lived all along Leighton Road and around there..
John and their lot lived at number 7.
Others at Number 1.
All the houses in Leighton Rd have been knocked down"
Parents: Robert Mason (b. 1868) Mary Emma (or Ellen on Baptism record)) Barnes (b.c1872)
Married: 1913 to Annie Warburton  (Register at Wirral BW/85/161)
Children: Edith, Annie, Gladys, Maisie, Evelyn, Harry
Occupation: Coal heaver / Dock Labourer. His father? (grandfather Hambleton Mason) had the contract on the Isle of Man. Henry worked with him on the boats until the contract ran out.(NB Boats were changed to oil burners) Hambleton Mason was a waterman.
Died: 2.5.1936 Age 44 - Buried at Landican Cemetery, Arrowe Park (NB Some trees have June, 1935)
Siblings: Henry was one of 14 children (some died at birth)  
Hambleton (1891 -1917) Married: Kathleen Donovan in 1915. Killed in WWI, 1917.  His name is on Hamilton Square Memorial.
Also at Tyne Cot Cemetery, France.
Daughter, Kathleen, born in 1916.
  Henry Robert (1892 - 1936) Children: Edith, Anne, Gladys. Maisie, Evelyn, Henry (Hal)
  Margaret (Maggie) (1893)  
  Robert (1895)  
  Samuel (1899)  
  Charles (1900)  
  John (1902 - 1967) - a boilermaker for Lairds shipping company. He built a bunker for the air raids out of ship's steel under the stairs Children:  
Margaret, William, John, Hambleton b. 28.5.1925,
(Hambleton's children:
Iain b.1958 & Jennifer (1954-2007)
  Mary (May?) (1906    
  Lily (1910)  
  George (1911)  
  Edith (1913 - 1919)  
  William (1916)  
  Douglas Haig (1916) Born on Robert's 21st birthday. Robert chose the name in honour of general Douglas Haig, WWI.
Baptised at St Catherine's Church, Higher Tranmere
  Was there an Ernest?    

Photo Above: Henry Robert Mason
Gladys, Evelyn, Maisie  -  (Maybe taken around 1930)

Information from Mum (Gladys Mason)
Brothers: Robert, Ernest, Hambleton, (killed in WWI - his name is on the Cenotaph in Hamilton Square, Birkenhead), Douglas
Sisters: Maggie, May, Lilly (lived in Leighton Road, Tranmere) -