Anne Roylance (nee Mason)

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Born: 20.10.1915
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Father: Henry Robert Mason
Mother: Annie Warburton
Siblings: Edith, AnnieGladys, Maisie, Evelyn, Henry Robert  (Harry / Hal)
Died: Feb / March 1976
General Hospital, Park Road Nth, Birkenhead
Married: George Frederick Roylance
(Born 11.5.1911 in Ruabon, Wales). Died 1990 Shrewsbury, Shropshire UK Vol 30 Page 216)
Photo Opposite:
Anne & husband, George
Children: Erica
married to John Marlow
Children of Erica & John: Rebecca Marlow married to Gary Bowen - daughters, Chloe and Harriet
Amber Marlow married to Cameron Ritchie. They have a son, Zachary, and a daughter, Florence.
Simon Marlow
Chris Marlow

Below: George Roylance, Hal (probably Henry) Mason, his mother, Peg Mason (married to Harry -Henry Robert Mason), Erica Roylance, her mother, Anne Mason married to George Roylance, June Mason (daughter of Harry & Peg)
In front - Bill Mason (son of Harry & Peg)

Below: Party
 Erica with Mum, Anne Mason. Playing the piano is Annie Cheshire (Warburton)
Harry Mason with wife, Peg, and children, Hal, June & Bill. Jack Cheshire (Annie's husband) with the feathers.

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Below: Photos of Anne Mason, George Roylance ( husband), Erica Roylance (daughter), John Marlow (Erica's husband)
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