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Born: 12th September, 1892
15 Green Lane, Tranmere, Wirral, UK

Below: Annie age 18

Mother: Amelia Moore in 1911 Census was 50 b c1861
mother Ellen Moore c1823
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Father, Samuel Moore, on marriage certificate
  1878 14th July marriage certificate - John & Amelia
Father: John Warburton (b.1854 - 3) (coal heaver)
- aged 47 in March,1901
58 in 1911 Census
He was sent to prison for three months in 1880 for assaulting Amelia!! And they went on to have thirteen  children!!
1901 Census - Children and age in 1901
William b. 1888
(errand boy)
Charles b.1890 11
Annie b.1892 9
Betsey . b.1894 7
Edward b. 1 Feb1897
(Died 1 Dec 1917
Sunken Road Cemetery, 8 Miles South southwest of Cambrai, France)
Ethel & Emily b.1901 4 months
(Ethel died in 1901)  
1901 Census: When her family (the Warburtons) were living in 5 Thomas Crt there was a stable for a horse.

Age at Census,
31st March, 1901

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Mum (daughter, Gladys) told stories about her mum making ice-cream and taking it, by horse & cart, to the seaside to sell. Annie was still doing this when Mum (Gladys) was a little girl.

Why is the wife listed as Catherine E Warburton?

1911 Census:
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John Warburton (58) b.c1853, wife Amelia Warburton (50) b. Liverpool c.1861
married for 33 years
living in an 8 room shop (Tea Rooms) at 8 Green Lane, Birkenhead.
Children born alive, 13. Children still living, 7.
Charles (21) c.1890, sailor in Merchant Service,
Annie (18) c.1893, servant, Betsy (16), c1895, worked in Cocoa rooms, Edward (14) c1897, bottle washer in a brewery, Emily (10) c1901, George (7) c1904
(Ethel, Emily's twin. died in 1901)

Married: 1913 Henry Robert Mason - Henry, died at age 44 from arteriosclerosis. He worked in the coal mines as a heaver.
Cheshire Marriage indexes for the years: 1913
Surname Forename Surname Forename Church / Register Office Registers At Reference


Henry Birkenhead, Civil Marriage Wirral BW/85/161

Annie & Henry had 6 children, Edith (b 1914 d. 1954?), Anne (b 1915 d 1972?), Gladys (Mum) (b 1918 in Birkenhead, d 2002 in Sydney, Australia),  Maisie (b 1920 d 1984 Nth Shore Hospital, Sydney Aus), Evelyn (B. 1923 d 8.8.2004) and Henry Robert (Harry) (b.1926). Still living in the Wirral in 2012.
Died: 6.7.1985 - She had acute arthritis for many years and a bowel blockage when she died. She also suffered from eyesight and hearing problems.
Notes: Annie played the piano and also wrote songs. Click here to see photographs.
She had breast cancer in her forties and had a breast removed.
Henry died on 2nd May, 1936.
Annie later married Jack (Joe) Cheshire. He was younger than she and they stayed together until her death in July, 1985.  She was in her nineties. (93). Jack (Joseph Henry) Cheshire born 1913 died 3.5.1987.
He looked after her for many years. She suffered from chronic rheumatoid arthritis and was eventually bed ridden. She stayed at home, 41 Menai St., Birkenhead, with Jack as her carer. N.B. Jack's sister, Hilda, lived nearby and was also very good to Annie.

She had been in a wheel chair for a long time,  then bed ridden for many years. She stayed at home on a small bed in the back living room so that she could look out of the window into the small back yard. There was a window box with a few flowers.

Annie having a visit from her granddaughter,
Erica, and Erica's husband John Marlow.

Annie loved the colour red.

Notice her hands. Poor Annie suffered for many years with chronic arthritis.
When I saw her in hospital in 1985 her hands
were like balls.

My family & I went to visit Annie & Jack in 1985.  Unfortunately Annie was in hospital then.
We had an interesting time with Jack in their home.
We (Warwick, Jane & Kate & myself) visited her in hospital. Her hearing and eyesight were very impaired. She died before we returned home in July,1985
Jack died a couple of years after Annie died.
He was about 74.

Below: Photo taken about 1955. Birkenhead, Cheshire, England UK


Below: Annie & Jack Cheshire

Below: Annie - back row - far right - white hat

Below: Annie (centre), Jack (Joe) Cheshire (right)



Below: Annie's second  husband, Jack (Joe) Cheshire, (centre)
Dad on the right


Below: One of Annie's friends



Below: Annie with granddaughter, Erica,
 (Anne's daughter)

Below: Sent from UK to Aus

Below: 7 Laurel Close, Hornsby NSW Australia, 1965. Nan Cheshire's visit from UK.
Glad, Bill, Dad, Nan Cheshire (Annie Warburton), Mum, Bob