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8.8.2004 from Cervical Cancer

Below: Husband, Norman Carr

Father: Henry Robert Mason
Mother: Annie Warburton
Married: Norman Carr

in December, 1946

Born 10.1.1925 
(Irish parents?)

Died: May 21st, 2000 heart Attack


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Cyril Born 28.9.1945 from a previous relationship.
Norman Harry Born 27.4.1950 in UK - immigrated to Aus with family 1955
See photos below. Married to Glennda. They have a daughter.

Click here to see a photo of Norman at the wedding of Bill & Marilyn Hughes.

Gary Twin - Born in Hornsby, NSW Australia - 1962
Was married to Leonie. They have two boys, Nicholas (24 in 2012) and Jake (22 in 2012)
Wayne Twin - Born in Hornsby, NSW Australia - 1962
Robyn (Taylor) Born in Hornsby, NSW Australia -
Michelle Born in Hornsby, NSW Australia -
Immigration: Departed UK 13th May 1955 on the ship GEORGIC under the Assisted Passengers Migrant Scheme

They stayed at Bradfield Park Hostel with us for several years.
Evelyn and her husband, Norman, had 4 more children.
Twins, Gary & Wayne, daughters, Robyn & Michelle (Shelley)

Below: 1955 Cyril Carr, Billy Hughes, Irene Boyd, Evelyn Carr (Mum's sister) , Norman Carr, son, (in front), Connie Thornton (friend married to Alf), Gladys Boyd & Mum (Evelyn's sister), Gladys Boyd.
Evelyn's other sister, Maisie, had immigrated in May, 1952, and was also living in Bradfield Park Hostel.
Our family went to pick up the Carr family when they arrived  in Sydney from UK.

Notes: "As tough as the devil's toenails" - Quote from her mother.
"In her late teens she was put into a Home because her mother found her difficult to control. She had the girls in the Home gang up on the Matron who then took her to court. Her mum,
Annie, wanted her to stay in the home." sister, Gladys.  NB From me "Times were very difficult then and in the area they lived. Small house, 6 kids. Husband who died aged 44."
She is fondly remembered by her children and her daughters-in-law who remember her as a kind and caring mother & grandmother. I remember her humour especially. She was extremely good at telling  stories which would have us rolling with laughter. Times were never boring with Aunty Evie!