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In 1961 Mum & dad bought the house at 7 Laurel Close Hornsby. The deposit was very small so it suited our finances.
We had been living at Riverstone with Mum & Dad's good friends Jeanne & Bob Hippsley and their children Anne & Carol (Bobbie). Glad shared a single bed in Anne's bedroom & as I did with Bobbie. Mum & Dad slept on the "Night and Day" in the lounge room. There was a small bathroom and an outdoor toilet. (Hole in the ground) Brother Bob went to stay with Auntie Maisie, Uncle Albert & Billy Hughes. Bob was good mates with Billy.
On 15th February, 1963 brother, Bill was born in Hornsby hospital. I, being 16 at the time,  wanted him to be called Brent or Brad or Grant or some name that was popular at the time, but, fortunately, Dad chose the good solid family name - William Miller Boyd

NB. Dad's father, William Miller Boyd, died on this day. We were unaware of it until we received the news by mail about a week or so later.

Below: Bill. Our house is on the right



Below: 7 Laurel Close, Hornsby NSW Australia, 1965. Nan Cheshire's visit from UK.
Glad, Bill, Dad, Nan Cheshire (Annie Warburton), Mum, brother Bob

In the early 1960's my friend, Jane Wilkinson and I would go to the local dance every Saturday night. We would spend the whole day preparing for it. Below is a photograph of the Pacific Cabaret at Hornsby  taken from the web site below.