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"Gladys Mason lost her basin on the way to London Station".

Born: 6.6.1918

Photo below: Taken at Bradfield Park Hostel - 1954?

  23 Rowland St, Birkenhead, the Wirral
Cheshire. U.K
(This is address on
Marriage cert)

Mum said it was 21 Rowland St
Married 28.10.1939 to Robert McGee Boyd - 4 Laurel Road
(This address is on
Marriage cert)
Occupation: Daily Servant (when married).
Did a great deal of home cleaning in Australia and also was in charge of a pre-school Child Minding Centre at
Bradfield Park Hostel, Sydney, Australia. (Pre-school)
Children: Robert (b.1941), Gladys (b. 1943 - 17.10.1997), Irene (b. 1947), William Miller (Bill) (B. 1963)
Died: 7.9.2002 - aged 85 (from Mesothelioma - asbestosis)
Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, Australia.
Notes: When Mum was a young girl she was put into a Convalescent Home. It was said that she had a "nervous disability" (fainting). Mum had fainting spells most of her life. When we lived in Hornsby (1964??) she fell into the glass table dad had made. She cut her lip badly. Instead of phoning for an ambulance, dad held onto Mum's lip all through the night. She never had a scar.
When she was 60 she had a stroke. She had been having TIAs for quite a while which had been diagnosed as migraines. It was eventually discovered that Mum had a disease called Polycythemia rubra vera
 "In its characteristic form, all three blood cells (red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets) are elevated, and the spleen is enlarged. The disease progresses in phases.".
She took medication until her death. Her asbestosis was said to have been caused by the shaking of clothes covered with the dust. ie dad's overalls. Dad worked with asbestos for most of his working life.
Father: Henry Robert Mason
Father's Occupation:  Coal Heaver, Dock Labourer
His father had a contract to the coal on the Isle of Man boats - Henry worked with him until the contract ran out.
Mother: Annie Warburton
Born:  12.9.1892 15 Green Lane, Tranmere
Died: 6.7.1985 Buried in Arrowe Park Cemetery, Landigan
Siblings: Edith
Born: 30.4.1911
Married Walter Stuart
Children: Anne, Walter
Died: 1955?   from bowel cancer
Died:    1971??  ( from cancer - breast then bowel)
Married: George Roylance

Children: Erica married to John Marlow - lives  in Powys, Wales
Erica's Children: Rebecca, Amber, Simon & Chris
Born: 13.12.1920
Died: 10.1.1984 from breast cancer
Married: Albert Hughes
Children: William (Billy) Hughes
Married: Norman Carr
Children:  Cyril (from previous relationship - Mum said a sailor during the war.
                  Norman, twins Gary & Wayne, Michelle, Lynette
  Henry Robert  (Harry / Hal)
 (still living in Moreton, Wirral in 2010)
Children: Harry, (Hal), June, Bill (b. 1964?) (deceased)


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Below: 1965 - Hornsby, NSW, Australia.
Mum with her Mum, Annie



1941 & before
1941 - with sister Maisie & Dad
1941 with first child, Robert (Bob)
1947 - living at 21 St Pauls Close, Birkenhead, Merseyside,UK
1952 - Immigration
Bradfield Park Migrant Hostel
Child Minding Centre at Bradfield Park Hostel

Below: Mum at the Child Minding Centre at Bradfield park Hostel.
She began as an assistant then became "in charge" and enjoyed her position very much.