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 and times at Bradfield Park Migrant Hostel and school.
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Bradfield Park Migrant Hostel - History
The station was built on the grounds of Bradfield Park in 1940 and housed a number of RAAF and
WAAAF units. During World War II, more than 200,000 members of the RAAF and the WAAAF received training on their way to service in World War II.
After World War II the base was utilised as a post-war migrant hostel, for immigrants wanting to settle in Australia.
The site has been cleared and reclaimed for housing. An RAAF Memorial was officially opened to commemorate the former base on 29 October 2006.

"Almost Like Home: Living in Bradfield Park"
Recently published (April, 2012) by Ku-Ring-Gai Historical Society

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While at the Bathurst Distribution Centre my family was allocated to Bradfield Park Migrant Hostel at Lindfield, Sydney, NSW, Australia. Other families and friends were distributed to other camps. Some of them in other states such as Victoria.
 Dad "We had a good time for the first few months. I got a job in the Shell Company and could work every night if I wanted. I got gardening jobs during the day in the homes outside the 'camp'. It was something to keep me out of the pub. I used to go to the Greengate Hotel (Killara) after work. Mum worked doing house cleaning in the homes around the hostel." 
Quite a few, but not all of the huts were
Nissen Huts These were more common in other hostels.
Mum, Gladys Boyd, worked (house cleaning) in many of the houses surrounding the 'hostel'. Many of the wives did this. Later she worked in the Child Minding Centre at the hostel and became "in charge'. She did a short course at Sydney University and she was very proud of her achievements.
It was in the Child Minding Centre where she met
Jeanne Hippsley who was a good friend for many years.

Photographs below thanks to Bradfield Park Hostel facebook page
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Post Office
(The telephone booths were at the back. You could call and be given the correct time for free. Number is BO74)


Below: The large building in the centre of this photo is the canteen. Staff kitchens were at the front and we entered from the right hand side. To the right of this building is the Child Minding Centre (partially in view) where my Mum and Jeanne Hippsley worked.

Below: This was taken on Christmas Day 1955. I remember receiving the cowgirl outfit from Santa. That's me (Irene) second from the left in the back row. Far left is Marie Hamilton. (She is now Marie Law and lives in Ireland)
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Below: Sue Salisbury, Irene Boyd, Sandra Mackenzie, Marie Hamilton
riding on an elephant at Taronga Zoo Park.
 Somewhere between 1952 and 1956

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Below: Irene dressed as a fairy for a school play - 1956.
Group photos show: my sister, Gladys, brother,  Bob, Glad's friends Georgina Stacey and Hazel Gibbs.

Below: Mum working in the Child Minding Centre

Mum was in charge of the Child Minding Centre (for pre-school children) in the hostel (8.8.1955) and had previously worked there part time for a few years. N.B. After leaving the hostel to live in Galston in 1956, Mum still worked in the Centre. I still attended Bradfield Park Primary School (Kindergarten to Year 6).
 Dad drove from Galston to the city every day. Dropped Mum and me at the hostel then Glad & Bob at their jobs before going to work himself.

Irene & friend, Vicky Savage.

Jeanne Hippsley. A good friend.

Mum & Jeanne Hippsley.

Mum at the side door

Outside the Centre

Below: Activities organised in the hall - Christmas

Below: Concerts & Dances

At the hostel there were many activities, such as, dances, parties (birthdays and Christmas), concerts (provided by the residents - kids and adults). Dad often played the piano and also was Santa on at least one occasion. (Photo of me kissing Santa). During the school holidays there were many activities for the kids: gymnastics, craft groups, sing-a-longs, outings. I remember that they were all good fun. This was probably a child minding service during the school holidays since many of the women were out at work full time.

Below: Some of the residents: Connie & Alf Thornton and their son, Tony Thornton; Ina and Ben Crowther; Joyce and Eric Royds; Ivy Lowe;
1955 - Carr family immigrate (Evelyn Mason). My family went to Circular Quay to collect them - see photos

Below: Kids at the Hostel
 Row 1: Albert Hughes with his son, Bill, & the Thornton boys. Dad, son, Bob, Billy Hughes etc
Mum & Maisie looking out of the window - me, Glad Bob, Billy Hughes & friends

Below: Friends - Connie & Alf Thornton - Alf's Car

Alf Thornton & son

Albert Hughes, Billy Hughes & unkown (Alf Thornton in the car)

Maisie, Connie & Alf Thornton

Alf outside our 'hut'.

Dad, Albert Hughes & Alf Thornton.

Bob, Billy Hughes, Tony Thornton?

Gladys, Irene, ?

Maisie, Connie, Mum

Below: Bobbin Head

Billy Hughes

Bob Boyd

Irene, Gladys,Bob, Billy

Irene, Gladys,Bob, Billy

Below: Greengate Hotel

Below:  Included in these photos with Mum & Dad are Maisie, Joyce & Eric Royds, Connie & Alf Thornton & Bill & Muriel Boyd, Jeanne & Bob Hippsley

Below: Manly Beach (Mum & Dad, Maisie & Albert, Connie & Alf, ..and the kids)

Below: Irene &  cousin, Susan, at Many Pier (1953?)

Below: Mum & Maisie


Below: Oxford Falls - Mum, Muriel Boyd, Connie Thornton, Maisie Hughes & kids

Below: Taronga Zoo

Below: Pony Riding - Gladys, Irene & Bob

Below: Bob in North Shore Hospital with a broken leg.
With him were, Mum, Muriel & Connie. Kids were not allowed to go in so we climbed up the wall.
Other photos are - Dad's car being fixed? and, a day at the races.

Below: Basketball Team. My sister, Gladys, second from the right in the back row.