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Mum & Dad made many friends at the 'camp'. Joyce & Eric Royds were friends for a long time. They left the hostel to stay in a small house in Gordon which was part of a dairy.
When Eric died Mum & Dad were very supportive. We visited regularly and also drove Joyce to the cemetery many times to visit Eric's grave. She was a fabulous cook. I especially remember her gooseberry tarts.
As well as other visits, we would go on Tuesdays to watch the B/W TV.
"Father Knows Best". "Perry Mason", Sing Along With Mitch Miller", "The Dinah Shore Show", "The Perry Como Show", "Pick-A-Box". We even watched my school,
Bradfield park Public School, perform a play (Orpheus & Eurydice) on the "Desmond Tester Show".

Above: "Joyce, who lost her hubby, is next to me and her sister and nephew in front alongside Bob. They only came here a few years ago & she loved it. Have cut off an old girl who got into the photo when coming from the toilet in the hotel. It fits in the envelope better now. My love to my Mum xxxx"
Written by my Mum on the back of the photograph.

Joyce Royds and her husband, Eric, left the hostel to live in a tiny rented house in East Gordon. It was on a property that had once been a dairy. Eric died quite soon after they moved. Mum & dad visited Joyce & her children, David (who was about my age (b.c.1947), an older brother and older sister, Pamela. There were frequent visits to the cemetery as well as the nights sitting in front of the new television.

Below: Joyce, Dad, Mum


Below: Mum's new dress was purple. It was beautiful. She looked amazing!


Below: Joyce, Mum and my sister, Gladys