Arrival in Sydney - February,1952

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On arrival in Sydney, Circular Quay, my family was sent by train (during the night) to Bathurst for 'distribution'.

Dad: "When we arrived at Circular Quay we were taken to Central Station and we were put on the steam train to an ex-air force centre at Bathurst throughout the night. We stayed in the camp at Bathurst (se photo below) and were 'distributed' to various camps throughout Australia. Most of us didn't know how far away these places were. Some were sent to Adelaide and some to Melbourne. A lot of the migrants were complaining about being taken to Bathurst and then moved again.
Millie and Bob went on a bus to Melbourne. (They didn't have any children at the time.) Kit and Bob Ferris and their little girl also went to Melbourne. They eventually returned to UK. We never saw them again but always kept in touch by mail.

"Mum wanted to go back on the next boat."

We arrived in Bradfield Park Hostel, Lindfield, NSW, at the end of February 1952

"We had a good time for the first few months. I got a job in the Shell Company and could work every night if I wanted. I got gardening jobs during the day in the homes outside the 'camp'. It was something to keep me out of the pub. I used to go to the Greengate Hotel after work. Mum worked doing house cleaning in the homes around the hostel."

"When we got a car we drove to Melbourne to see brother, Bill, & Muriel."


Below: Bathurst - (Distribution Centre)  My mum is on the right