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A short walk from the Migrant Hostel was the school. Brother, Bob, & sister, Glad, went there when we arrived in 1952. I was 4 stayed with Mum until she found work then I went to the pre-school which was located in the hostel.
I started Kindergarten in 1953. Later that year, or the following year, my family went to WA to stay with Muriel & Bill. Dad thought that he might have been able to get better work there. I went to school but the school was much more advanced. the children were already reading. I was asked to stand up and read to the class. (All the kids had a turn, desk to desk) I remember seeing that my turn was coming soon. When I stood up I cried - why not!!???
In 1955

Below: Probably 1955. Our school performed various activities for the parents. My class was square dancing.


Below: Me in the Year 6 individual school photo.
Note the turned up collar and the "dog collar" belt on the waist.
Below: Barbara Peel & Sandra Mackenzie in our school's production of "Orpheus & Eurydice". Music and songs were written by our teacher, Tom Berriman.
Below: My sister, Gladys Boyd, on the left. This was a school concert and presentation night held at the hall in the "Aussie" section of the hostel. She may have been receiving a netball award. She appears to be wearing her costume underneath her coat. We performed many musicals here including "Aladdin" which was performed more than once.

Below: Arbour Day - Year 6 students were given several trees to plant and to look after. Joyce Muir & Irene posing with this tree. Can't imagine if all those trees in the background are still there. Huge housing development there now