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Muriel Boyd

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1950 UK

Immigration, 1951

Yallourn, Vic




Bill. Muriel & Susan arrive in Australia in July, 1951
Muriel: "Arrived in Australia, Melbourne. Got bus to Yallourn via  (83 miles).  About quarter of the way an outer part of Melbourne the driver asked if anyone wanted to go to toilet. They were dry and disgusting with lots of flies. Gathering of wooden houses off the road and way back while looking for place. 5 miles up road township had brick places. We were taken for a meal and they said "we'll take you to your house". So were taken 5 miles back to the wooden houses,!  "OK Mrs ... this is your house". Muriel said, "Forget it" He just unloaded the luggage and gave her the key. No floor coverings, camp beds and camp chairs and a dry toilet outside. Maybe an ice box. as bought own furniture took other stuff off us. No heating. It was very cold inside and the draft came up through the floor boards. We bought lino for the floor and some other stuff too - 'on the knocker' ".

Recession: About 6 months into the contact the  government went into economic recession and everything was shut down. That recession hit just 6 weeks after we arrived so it would have been about the beginning of August 1951.
We were asked to leave and get out of 2 yr contract. We (Bill & Muriel) did not move because no money for fare to go anywhere and not paid for furniture. They stayed because the  job was secure even if not much money. About 3 out of 4 places were closed down (power station).
Muriel bought the Womens Weekly and read about the  Kwinana Refinery and needle workers in WA. They had already liked Perth because of the palm trees they had seen when coming over on the ship. went on train 3 days Bill went 1st on the 3 day train trip and Muriel stayed to pack up. She  stayed with Pauline back end of 1953.

Information: Newborough and Yallourn North are small centres just to the north of three of Latrobe City’s major centres, Moe, Morwell and Traralgon. The city which covers 1450 sq km was created in 1994 with the amalgamation of Moe, Morwell and Traralgon cities and parts of the Rosedale and Narracan shires. The new city is, in fact, the centralised Latrobe Valley powerhouse which drives Victoria’s manufacturing and export industries. The valley satisfies 85 per cent of the state’s overall, electricity needs and the Latrobe power base directly creates 4000 jobs and generates $16 billion worth of domestic and export income. Despite all the industrial connections, the city is just 20 minutes from the mountains, national parks and streams laden with trout spoiling for a joust with an angler. And this geographically and culturally diverse region, in which the Dutch, Italian, German and Maltese are the largest ethnic groups, is just 150km, or one and a half hour, from Melbourne.
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Below: 1951 / 1952
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Below: 1952 -Gladys (aged 8), Bill (at the back), front - Gladys Boyd, Millie Parkinson, Muriel Boyd, Bob Parkinson



Below: 1952 - "Me (Muriel) outside the house.
The thin door you can see is the fly screen door. These are also over the windows.