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Muriel Boyd

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1950 UK


Immigration, 1951

Yallourn, Vic




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When did Bill, Muriel and Susan leave England?
"Not soon enough", (Muriel)
Bill, Muriel and baby Susan left England on the S.S. Maloja on 23rd May, 1951.
They arrived in Melbourne, June, 1951.
The S.S. Maloja departed from Tilbury Dock, London on 23rd May 1951 for Brisbane, Australia.
She arrived in Melbourne on 27th June 1951. Bill and Muriel on the Meloja mixed crew?

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 In  .......... they stayed with a couple from Wallasey. Ted Pugh had been a pay clerk for engineering firms.  He had built a house and let them live on the back verandah as paying guests.  They stayed for 6 weeks then went to Petra St with an old lady in East Freemantle. During this time MUm, dad and we kids went to live with them for ........????  After a couple of years they moved into state housing . Another recession killed off the boiler makers union. They went to NZ (they also thought about going  home because things were getting better at home. They stayed in NZ for 1 year. A ban had been lifted from the boiler makers society in WA so they decided to go back. When their ship stopped in Sydney they  were talked into staying at Galston by Mu  & Dad who, at that time, were living in a garage on 5 acres at 11 Knights Road, Galston.  Bill went to the Labour Exchange in Chatswood and got a job with a van at Singer Sewing Machines as a sales person. He had to drive back to Galston to ask Mu how to thread a needle. After ??? months they decided they preferred Perth to Sydney. Bill got a job with Singer in Perth. He did well and    monitoring fire protection eg for company would sell fire protection as needed

Port Said

Below: message on the back of the postcard from Port Said:
"Dear Bob & Glad, We are all doing fine folks. At the moment we are in Port said. Swarms of 'bum boats' with all kinds of bags etc. We are having the best of food, cigs are cheap, so is drink. We are looing forward to the trip through the canal. I am writing down everything that goes on so that you will know all about it." Bill, Mu & Baby