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Born: 24th November, 1927
337 Old Chester Road, Rock Ferry

Father: William Miller Boyd
Mother: Elizabeth Ann Hastings
Sarah Lilian  (b. 1911)
Jim James Thomas Boyd
William Miller Boyd
(b. 1915)
Dad  (Robert McGee  (b.  1918 - 2009)
John John Noel Boyd ( b.  1921)
Bill (William Miller) born 1927 died Feb 13 1997
Eunice  - (died as baby - 3 months  old from pneumonia)
School: Temple Road Secondary School
Married Muriel Sherwin in 4th June, 1949.
Birkenhead Registry Office.

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They met at a dance, 2nd January, 1949
Children: Daughter Susan was born April 28th, 1950
1951: Migrated to Yallourn, Victoria
1953: Moved to Fremantle, WA
1958: spent 12 months in New Zealand. Went there looking for work.
1959: Lived in Galston, NSW, with brother, Rob, & family
19 ...: Back to WA
19... back to UK - Wallasey Village
19.. Back to Perth, WA
Died: 13th February, 1997

Below: Bill in Wales during evacuation in WWII.

 At the start of the war, in September 1939, was a pre-emptive measure to save the population of urban or military areas from German aerial bombing. The evacuations were organised by the Liverpool Corporation and though some children were transported to smaller towns nearby, many went to rural areas in North Wales
Below: "Bill is wearing his first suit (photo on the left). He was 14 years old. he worked in Seacombe Ferry. There was a lot of Polish guys there and he learned a lot of (nalls???). They were left over from the war. Maybe the Polish Army. He was not apprenticed, just waiting, When he was 18 he went onto the RAAF to do his National Service. Because he had done that and also 4 years welding etc he went into the yard as a welder. When he migrated he was under contract to the State Electricity Commission as a welder, not under the Migration scheme. Muriel and Bill met Pauline and Wilf Collins while they were in Yallourn, Australia. Wilf had been a boiler maker at Camell Lairds. he was a pattern maker in metal and he used them to make Pauline's  ....???"

Below: When he was 18 he went onto the RAAF to do his National Service after WWII

Below: The grandmother of one of Bill's girlfriends in Worchestershire.



Below: Dad, Mum and  Bill.
They are in the back yard of Mum and Dad's house in 41  St Pauls Close, Birkenhead.