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Born: 1921
Father: William Miller Boyd
Mother: Elizabeth Hastings
Died: 1994
Married: Mary Edwards  when?? where?


Jimmy: (b. 1944) (Was 5 or 6 in 1949 - Dad)
John:  (b. 1946)  He died in October 2006 never married - was in the army as a parachuter. (Red Berets) His mate died in an accident in a parachute. John had a history of mental illness. Diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Died 2006?
Mary: (b. 1951) married to John McHugh, Has daughters Nichola (b. 1968) and Clare (B 1975) - children Katie (b 1997) & Matthew (B. 2005).
Clare is now married to Robbie ?
David: (b 1953 - d. 2004 aged 50)
Joan: (Now Joan Squires) Joan married a carpenter who makes clocks (info from Dad).... and has children Rachael (18), Nichola and Richard, twins (15) in 2010
Ives in Liscard, Wallasey?
Noel: ?
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Below: John Boyd

Below: John and Mary's wedding.
(NB My Dad - Robert McGee Boyd far left)

Below: John and Mary's wedding.
(Left to Right: unknown, My Dad -
Robert McGee Boyd. Mary, John, sister Lilian, unknown, unknown)

Below: Left to Right:  My Dad - Robert McGee Boyd. Mary, John, sister Lillian,