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10th October,1911 - Sarah Lillian Boyd
37 Holt Hill, Tranmere

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(Which W Boyd lived at 32 Tower St Wallasey - On the back of a photo of Lillian with hat - above)

Mother: Elizabeth Ann Hastings
Father: William Miller Boyd
Died 21st February, 1959 (from Cervical cancer) 3 weeks after her mother died in January 1959. She was buried alongside her mother in Frankby Cemetery, grave N590. Her husband's ashes (Joe Reynolds) were scattered over their graves.

The ashes of her father, William Miller Boyd are scattered over her grave and her  mother's, Elizabeth Hastings)

Married: Joe Reynolds (b. 1912) - See photos below
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Children: Eunice: (b 1933) m Mike Fairnworth - adopted Karen, now married and lives in Busselton, WA
When Eunice married she moved into Elizabeth's old house
  Joey (Alfred Joseph) (b1935) m Elaine (73 in 2007)









Ethel (b. 1937) in Wallasey, Merseyside, UK.
married Ken (Kenneth Malcolm) Jones (b. 1935) (lives in Greasby - 2010 - have 2 boys and one girl. Steve, Michael and Beverley

Steve  - Steve Kenneth Jones (b. 1958) in Macclesfield, Cheshire. Steve was 9 months old when his grandmother died.
Notes: Ethel came to WA with the kids in 1963 - Steve who was 5 at the time, had chicken pox - they stayed with Bill & Muriel in Fremantle, Western Australia.
In 1967 they went back to UK
Ethel came a second time bringing only Beverley.
Emily  - (b. 8.6.1940 - died 1.7.940)) died from prematurity, pneumonia and exhaustion). Buried in Rake Lane Cemetery, Liscard. (Also buried here is Alf & Ruth's daughter, Annette)
Lilian (b. 1945) She was in the army before she married. Came out of the army in 1965. Married.  Divorced 10 years later. Married Paul Griffiths in 1975. Came to Australia for the first time in 1986 bringing Cherie with them. Children:
Nicola Griffiths (b 28.11.1965
Darron Griffiths (b. 6.11.1966)
Tracy Hatton (b. 21.1.1969)
Cherie Roberts (23.10.1970)
Douglas - (b 1948) m Judith  (Golden Bay W.A.)
Dorothy - (b. 1952) (Dorry - now changed to Dale). Lived in WA, moved to New Zealand.
In 2010 back in WA.
NB: When Dorothy was 15 Bill & Muriel nominated her, Douglas & Joey to come to W.A. Bill & Mu got  a house for them.
?? When Eunice ..(& husbands) came out later.

Below: Lillian (far right) at the marriage of her brother, John.
(Left to Right) Dad, Mary, John, Lillian

Below: Joe Reynolds
Photo taken in the back yard.
Maybe, Annie Warburton's (Cheshire) house???

Below: Dad (Robert McGee Boyd & Jack Cheshire -second husband of Annie Warburton) 'mucking around' with Joe on the same day.

Below: Joe with son, Douglas, in WA. NB the Holden car.

Below: Joe

Below: Joe's brother, Alf. (Married to Ruth)

Below: Lillian's daughter. Lilian (age 3) Born 1945

Below: Left to right: Aunt Em (not quite visible), Lilian, Nana Argue (Joe's Mum), Joe, maybe an aunt?

Below: Mum & Dad's home at 41 St Pauls Close, Rock Ferry
Dad, Bill & Joe Reynolds (1951 or 1952?)

Below: 1997 - Bill's funeral (William Miller Boyd). Photo taken at Susan and Phillip's house W.A.
Mum, Dad, Muriel

Below: 1997 - Bill's funeral (William Miller Boyd). Photo taken at Susan and Phillip's house W.A.
Steve Simmers, wife Dale, Joe Reynolds