Lilian (Reynolds) Griffiths

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Sarah Lilian Boyd (b.1911 - d- 1959?)


Joseph Reynolds (b.1912)

Siblings: Eunice (see below), Joey, Ethel, Emily, Lilian, Douglas, Dorothy (Dale)
Children: Nicola Griffiths(b. 28.11.1965), Darron (b. 6.11.1966), Tracy Hatton (b. 21.1.1969), Cherie Roberts (b. 23.10.1970)

See photographs below.

Below: Lilian (Reynolds) Griffiths with children
Darron (6 months) and Nicola (18months)

Below: Lillian Reynolds. (age 3) Born 1945
Now Lilian Griffiths

Below: Cherie Roberts

Below: Nicola, Dad, Mum (Lilian Griffiths)

Lilian with sister Eunice who was visiting UK in 2010.

Below: Steve Simmers, Dale, Joe Reynolds
Photo taken February 1997 at the wake of William Miller Boyd.