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My father's sister, Lilian (Sarah Lilian), was born in 1911. Dad was born in 1918. He always spoke fondly of Lil.
He was not a communicator, by letter or telephone, throughout his whole life. Sadly he lost contact with much of his family after we emigrated in 1952.
  Lilian married Joe Reynolds and from the old photos it seems that dad & Joe got on very well.

Eunice, Joey, Ethel, Emily, Lilian, Douglas, Dorothy (Dale)








Below: Joe

Below: Joe's brother, Alf. (Married to Ruth)

Below: Joe with granddaughter, Karen Farnworth



Below: Alf's grandparents (and Joe?)

Below: Left to right: Aunt Em (not quite visible), Lilian, Nana Argue (Joe's Mum), Joe, maybe an aunt?

Below: Grandma Reynolds

Below: Alf's Dad (and Joe's dad??) (Which one? Name??
 Where was this??)

Below: Georgie and Jean

Below: Jean and Georgie

Below: John and Margaret

Below: Sam Reynolds