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Born:  1915
Died: aged 7, February 15th, 1923
Buried at St Mary's "The Priory"
Click on the link for information -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birkenhead_Priory

Dad, (Robert McGee Boyd) was with his older brother Bill  (William Miller) and Jimmy. They went across the road from their home to look at the circus which was setting up. Their grandparents (Grandma Boyd - Robert & Sarah) were looking after them while Mum & Dad were managing a hotel in New Brighton. Bill stood on the back of one of the stationary trailers and was swinging on the trailer bar. The trailer started to move and Bill was dragged underneath it. he was run over by the traction engine (steam engine) which was used in fair grounds for moving rides etc. This was "Haymarket in Birkenhead" where the entrance to the tunnel is now.
It was after Bill's death that his mother, Elizabeth Hastings, decided to have a family portrait taken. Portrait

Birth Registry 1915

Death Certificate