Alfred & Connie Thornton

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Bradfield park Hostel 



Born: Alfred: 24.3.1917 Constance Craven:
Children: Anthony b. 12.2.1939
Peter b. 3.12.1940
Immigration: Departed UK 13th May 1955 on the ship GEORGIC under the Assisted Passengers Migrant Scheme

Below: 1955 Cyril Carr, Billy Hughes, Irene Boyd, Evelyn Carr (Mum's sister) , Norman Carr, son, (in front), Connie Thornton (friend married to Alf), Gladys Boyd & Mum, Gladys Boyd.
Our family went to pick up the Carr family when they arrived  in Sydney from UK.
They stayed at
Bradfield Park Hostel with us for several years. Evelyn and her husband, Norman, had 4 more children.

Below: Friends - Connie & Alf Thornton - Alf's Car

Alf Thornton & son

Albert Hughes, Billy Hughes & unkown (Alf Thornton in the car)

Maisie, Connie & Alf Thornton

Alf outside our 'hut'.

Dad, Albert Hughes & Alf Thornton.

Bob, Billy Hughes, Tony Thornton?

Gladys, Irene, ?

Maisie, Connie, Mum

Below: Manly Beach (Mum & Dad, Maisie & Albert, Connie & Alf, ..and the kids)

Below: Oxford Falls - Mum, Muriel Boyd, Connie Thornton, Maisie Hughes & kids