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My family used to love going here. This is where I taught myself to swim. We started going with the family then later my best friend, Jane Wilkinson and I used to go.

The waterhole was down the end of Thomson's Lane (left off Arcadia Road after turning the corner past Gribbenmount Road, heading towards Arcadia. From the end of the road we then had to climb down a steep hill.

There was the waterfall, in good weather, and a rope tied to a tree so that if you climbed up onto a large rock (with rope in hand) you could get a good swing and land in the middle of the waterhole. It was very deep and dark, with plenty of eels.

Below:  Me (Irene) in the swimming costume with the spongy things. I hated it but, too late, it was bought.
This is the waterfall on a reasonable day.
Sometimes there was just a drizzle and sometimes you had to be very careful when crossing it.

Below: Anne Orbans who lived in Arcadia Road opposite the dairy. (left). Me on the right.
Anne was a bit older than I was and she was the one who talked me into buying the swimming costume
(with the spongy bits!)

Below: My costume was black and white stripes.
Jane's was pink and white stripes.

Below: Me with my dog, Hoby.

Below: Tony Wilkinson who was Jane's elder brother (right) with a friend.