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William Miller Boyd (1915-1923)

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Thos Boyd (Stone Mason).
(Probably Thomas)
 Was said to have been involved in the building of the stone gate in
Birkenhead Park. (Photo)

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Notes: Dad said stone mason was from Scotland.
(Born in Donaghadee?
(Lived here before moving to Birkenhead)?
Nth England Champion Wrestler ?
- Information from my dad, Robert McGee Boyd

NB Dad may have been talking about John, below)


(probably Elizabeth)

(name of spouse on son John's Christening register in
Donaghadee, Ireland)

John Boyd was born in 1839 in Ireland.
Boilermaker (Striker)
Christened 20th September, 1839
Donaghadee, Down, Ireland
He died in 1901 in Birkenhead.
In 1862 lived at 21 Hamilton Terrace
14th April 1862
aged 22 yrs
 St Marys, Birkenhead
he married
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 Isabella Lewis.
Domestic Servant
She was born 10.6.1839 (Monmouth, Gwent, Wales)
She died in Birkenhead in 1912.
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Louise Lewis' tree says born in Cardiff Rd, Newport, Gwent)

1871  (Census) Click here to view the 1871census
They had 9 (10?) children. Living at 4 Alma St, Birkenhead with 3 children & 2 Hibbert children & 2 Lewis children. Mother-in-law's house. 
- Carol Smith's tree

In 1871 Census, showing relationship to head of household
Stephen Hibbert (son 25 clerk), Melrose Hibbert (daughter 14)
Next group had a 2 under the address ie 2 Alma St (maybe flats in one house?)
John Lewis (son 20 Apprentice boilermaker born Birkenhead), Thomas Lewis (son 18 Apprentice
boilermaker born Birkenhead),
NB John & Thomas were Isabella's brothers.
John Boyd (son-in-law 31 Boilermaker Born Ireland), Isabella Boyd (wife 31 Born Monmouth Newport) Thomas (4 scholar Born B'head) Grace (2), Lucy (7months)
There were also 2 lodgers - James brown (22 Groom) James McMenning (20 machinist)

1881  (Census) -  John & Isabella were 42 and lived at 39 Ivy Street, Birkenhead
Also living there were: Robert (19), (below) Labourer; William Henry (17), apprentice Boiler Maker; Thomas (15) apprentice Boiler Maker; Lucy (11); Elizabeth (1); Isabella (6).
(Library 1341855) national Archives  Folio 3574/54 Page 43RG11

1891  (Census) - 14 Lorn Street, Birkenhead. John & Isabella were 52. In the house were; Elizabeth (10) scholar; John (8) Click here to see census

1901  (Census) - 14 Lorn Street, Birkenhead. John & Isabella were 62. In the house were; John (17), James Smart (boarder) and Isabella Boyd (5) (niece). Click here to see census.

 Robert Boyd
maybe Robert Magee Boyd?
b. 1863).
Occupation -
Chipper And Caulker
in the shipyards.
 on 28th August, 1887
in St Nicholas Liverpool Parish Church
he married
Sarah Thomas Miller
 Sarah Thomas Miller
(1864 - 1944)
Father was William Miller.
Sister Susan Miller
(found this in my notes from Mum & Dad)
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(NB Previously I had thought this to be Sarah Davies)
Many thanks to Claire Layfield, great -great granddaughter of Robert and Sarah, for the information and photograph of
Sarah Thomas Miller.
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The family lived at 27 Leicester Street, Birkenhead

Total children born alive - 12.
Total children still living - 7.

William (23), Robert (21), James (18), George (14), John (12), Edmund (9), Lilian (5)
(see below)

Children who died before 1911 - 5.

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Children: William Miller (b.1888) Robert Cadman
killed in WW1
Ocupation in 1911 Holder Up
James Thomas
killed in WW1
sniper in WW1
m Florence Edwards
(Layfield Tree)
John Noel
(b. c1899)sniper in WW1
Ellen Jones
John Noel
(1923-1980) married
Leonard Layfield (1917-1965)
Errand boy for Provisions shop in 1911
Lilian Edith
married Alfred Ernest Jones
Children: Lilian Jones,
Edith M Jones

Were there other children after 1911? dad recalls - Nellie, May, Emily , Sarah  (unsure)

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Second names and other notes came from Robert McGee Boyd, son of William Miller .
D.O.B. & first name from 1911 census.

Living at 27 Leicester Street, Birkenhead

John Noel Boyd (25.12.1898  -  march 1972))  married   Ellen Jones.
They had 2? children:
John Noel (1921 - 1980)   and   Ellen (1923 - c.1980) Vol 8a Page 825 Birth registry
Ellen Boyd married Leonard Layfield (1917 - 1965)

Thanks to their granddaughter, Claire Layfield, for this information