1959 - Irene's 12th Birthday at Galston

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Some friends from Bradfield Park Public School (Migrant Hostel) were invited to 11 Knights Road, Galston, for my 12th birthday. David Royds was the son of Mum & Dad's close friend, Joyce Royds and Cheryl brought her younger brother with her.

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Below: June Grimmer, Irene Boyd, David Royds, Joyce, Cheryl Asang, Joyce, Cheryl's brother
.... and the 2 tone (dark brown & tan) Vauxhall Victa



Below: Cheryl Asang, Bobbie (Carol) Hippsley, Irene Boyd, Cheryl's brother
Vicky Savage, Joyce, June Grimmer
Dogs - Hoby, Ricky & Shane



Below: Dad, (Robert McGee Boyd), Me (Irene Boyd). Mum, (Gladys Boyd nee Mason)