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Dad: "At the end of the war life was very difficult in England. After the excitement life went back to 'normal'.    Rations .....etc (more to add here)"
There were many posters advertising a 'beautiful land.'.
There was the threat of war with Russia  and the "Cold War"...... England would never be able to recover enough to fight in another war."

 "Bill (youngest brother) had been thinking about going to Australia for a while.

"Our friend Kenny Cooper said that they would have to build a bridge for him to come to Australia."

Dad: "Two blokes came back to Birkenhead and said that Australia was good. They had been in Sydney for two years. They went back to their old jobs as Boiler Makers. they blamed their wives for their return. The wives didn't like living in the hostels.  It was the women who kicked up a stink in Bradfield Park Hostel."

"I didn't know how long we would stay. I left the time open."

Millie and Bob Parkinson came with us. We met Kit and Bob Ferris on the ship.